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Gluten Free Substitute for Bread Crumbs With Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers

gluten free breaded shrimp

Bread crumbs are a popular addition to many recipes. They bring a unique, delightfully crispy texture and provide added flavor to some traditional foods.There are plenty of ways to prepare bread crumbs, from panko to cornflakes.

What if traditional bread crumbs are off the table due to a gluten free diet? In this case, you’ll need a substitute for bread crumbs to transform your meatloaf or meatballs, add a crunchy texture to enhance the crispy coating on your chicken.

Luckily, Milton’s range of gluten free crackers delivers the outstanding taste and crunchy experience you crave with a gluten free alternative to bread crumbs.

But exactly why are bread crumb substitutes so important? And how can you use Milton’s to recreate your favorite recipes to be gluten free and delicious.

Introducing Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers

Finding the best gluten free products can be challenging, but Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers are readily available online and in grocery store close to home. Even better, you’ll find several flavors to choose from, providing options for snacking and gluten free bread crumbs for your recipes.

For a classic breading, Crispy Sea Salt or Olive Oil & Sea Salt Gluten Free Crackers are a great place to start. They can easily be subbed in for plain panko when you’re cooking up recipes that require breadcrumbs. You can even use them to create your favorite flavor profiles by pairing them with garlic powder, Italian seasoning or something with a bit of heat, like Cajun seasoning.

You could also opt for more seasoned products, like Fire Roasted Vegetable Gluten Free Crackers to save time. Salt & Vinegar Gluten Free Crackers are the perfect pairing for dishes like wings that you plan to dip in gluten free BBQ or zesty buffalo sauce.

And if you’re interested in a rich, nutty flavor to complement your favorite breaded foods, you can’t go wrong with Everything or Multi-Grain Gluten Free Crackers. These feature a blend of seven grains and three seeds that deliver outstanding culinary complexity.

Benefits of Using Milton’s Crackers as a Substitute

Whether you like to make homemade bread crumbs or prefer the convenience of store-bought, finding a gluten free alternative to bread crumbs can be a hassle. Milton’s makes this easy with crackers you can crush with a rolling pin or grind in a food processor to achieve the coarse or fine texture you love.

Aside from excluding gluten, Milton’s crackers are rife with benefits. Flavorful and wonderfully crisped, they make a great snack on their own. They also make for a perfect addition to charcuterie boards or dips. In other words, leftovers won’t be a problem.

You’ll also enjoy products that are Non-GMO Project Verified, so you know you’re getting the high-quality ingredients you prefer. Additionally, gluten free crackers come in resealable packaging that keeps products fresh and offers the convenience of on-the-go snacking.

When you make bread crumbs, you can always save leftovers in the original bag or another airtight container for later use. Doing so ensures that you have what you need on hand to craft tasty, homemade and gluten free dishes in a pinch.

Creative Ways to Use Milton’s Crackers in Recipes

You might be amazed by just how many ways you can use Milton’s delectable and versatile products. Gluten Free Cracker recipes can do it all. From main dishes like meatballs and fried meats to sides like green bean appetizers.

You can even add them to an array of desserts, making crumbly crusts for cheesecakes and pies, layers in parfaits and bases for cookies and bars. However, Milton’s crackers really shine as a gluten free substitute for bread crumbs when paired with main dishes like delicate fish filets and satisfying chicken sliders.

Gluten Free Breaded Shrimp

One great way to use gluten free bread crumbs is for gluten free breaded shrimp. You’ll want to start with a pound of sweet, sizable prawns that have been peeled and deveined.

Full Gluten Free Breaded Shrimp Recipe

Gluten Free Encrusted Cod

Whether you like to dredge your fish in Italian bread crumbs, almond flour or quinoa flakes, there are plenty of ways to turn this low-carb entree into a tasty, protein-packed main dish.

Adding bread crumbs may not be ideal for a keto diet, but those who are looking for gluten free options won’t be disappointed by the great taste and texture offered by Milton’s crackers.

Full Gluten Free Encrusted Cod Recipe 

Gluten Free Cheesy Potato Bites

It’s hard to argue with the appealing combo of cheese and potatoes. When you add bread crumbs into the mix and fry them all up together, the outcome is pure culinary magic.

If you need to substitute panko crumbs with Gluten Free Crackers , Milton’s has you covered.

Full Gluten Free Cheesy Potato Bites Recipe

Bonus Recipe: Hot Honey Crispy Chicken Sliders

Crispy chicken and hot honey are two great foods that are better together. However, if panko bread crumbs are a hard pass, you’ll have to find suitable substitutes for your favorite fried foods.

Milton’s Crispy Sea Salt Gluten Free Crackers are a great gluten free breadcrumb substitute for your recipes. 

Full Gluten Free Hot Honey Crispy Chicken Sliders Recipe

Milton’s Is Your Go-To for Tasty, Gluten Free Recipes

Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers are a great bread crumbs alternative. Whether you're cooking up old favorites or trying out new recipes, Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers add a unique texture and flavor boost. So, get ready to unleash your culinary creativity with gluten free bread crumbs as your secret ingredient!

Gluten Free Breadcrumbs With Miltons

​​Ready to add some delicious crunch to your dishes? Check out Milton's gluten free crackers, the perfect alternative to traditional bread crumbs! Explore our gluten free crackers and find them online or a store near you to revolutionize your recipes!

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