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Discover the Joy of Working Well!

Oceanside city of Carlsbad California
Outside of Milton's Building

At Milton’s, we believe everyone deserves to experience the Joy of Eating Well. 

This is our mission – creating delicious, trustworthy, craft foods that inspire joyful times for all to share.  Our commitment to best-in-class quality, clean ingredients and inspired foods, sets Milton’s apart as a leading innovator and a great place to work.

Milton’s corporate headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California - North San Diego County with employment opportunities in major cities across the country.

Just as there is joy in eating well, there is also great joy in working well.

The pace at Milton’s is positive, energetic and swift, often fondly described as “moving at the speed of Milton’s." 


The level of talent and engaging personalities we attract and retain are a reflection of Milton’s unique, true team culture, creating an enthusiastic, “help me help you” work experience with exciting daily challenges and personal satisfaction.  


Our business culture is relationship driven and invites every team member to touch the business, engage in big picture discussions, then get to work and make it happen.  


While we enjoy recognizing and celebrating accomplishments, our success is not the result of any one individual – it reflects the collective efforts of the team.   


One of the fastest growing Gluten Free Crackers in the category!


Core Values that shape and define our collaborative,

consumer-centric focus include:

Quality – Providing trustworthy products for our customers


Innovation – Using our imagination to create consumer joy and the 

opportunity for future growth


Entrepreneurial Spirit – Demonstrating courage, optimism and agility


Authenticity – Being true to our customers and to each other because the means matter


Collaboration – Helping me help you– with our team, customers, suppliers and shareholders 

Leadership – Inspiring each other to take responsibility for creating a better future

Milton's x SD Food Bank.png

Milton's Team Members are:

Humble – Place team collaboration and success above individual performance.

Hungry – To expand and grow by introducing         delicious innovations to consumers every day.


Smart – In how we treat consumers, customers and each other. 

Team Members Comments...

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