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Milton's Non-GMO Crackers: Understanding the Non-GMO Label

non-gmo salt and pepper crackers

This recent awareness about non-GMO products comes with questions: What are non-GMO foods? Where can you find the best non-GMO snacks? 

We’re here to help you navigate the Non-GMO Project certification. A good place to is to understand what the Non-GMO Project label really means — and how to make informed choices for your pantry at home. 

Milton’s Non-GMO Gourmet Crackers offer the best of both worlds: They’re free of GMOs while still tasting delicious! Here’s what you should know about non-GMO foods on the market today. 

What Does “Non-GMO” Mean?

You’ve probably seen the Non-GMO label on snacks that line supermarket shelves. Why should you pay attention to this label? And what does “non-GMO” really mean? 

Non-GMO foods represents foods that are not genetically modified. In the food industry, certain crops and mixtures of animal feed can be genetically modified in a lab, which leads to these being present in the final product. 

If you are looking for Non-GMO foods or consume a non-GMO diet, this is where the label becomes helpful. 

If you see a food or drink with this label, it means that there are no genetically modified organisms in that product. Everything used comes from natural, unmodified plants and other derivatives. 

Non-GMO products are different from organic products, which have stricter requirements: Organic products must be free from both GMOs and additional certain ingredients. If you are interested in an organic option Milton’s also has a line of organic crackers

The Non-GMO Certification

Most non-GMO certification is completed by the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit dedicated to

educating consumers on the GMOs in foods that they’re eating. If a food carries the Non-GMO Project’s Verified label, it has gone through an extensive vetting process. 

In order for a product to carry the Non-GMO label, the manufacturer must reach out to the Non-GMO Project and apply for verification. Then, a technical administrator from an independent organization vets the manufacturer’s processing techniques to ensure no GMOs are present in or around the product in question. 

Once a product is certified, the manufacturer has to renew this certification yearly. 

Look for a butterfly logo on food and drinks that says “Non-GMO Project Verified.” This is the best way to determine whether there are GMOs in your favorite snacks and drinks. 

Milton’s Non-GMO Project Verified Crackers

You don’t have to sacrifice texture and flavor in your favorite non-GMO foods. Milton’s Non-GMO Gourmet Crackers have been verified by the Non-GMO Project, and are crunchy, delicious and flaky!

We only use the highest-quality ingredients during our manufacturing process. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we have refined our Non-GMO Gourmet Cracker ingredients to include the best of the best. You can even add our non-GMO crackers to your next charcuterie board!

Milton’s Non-GMO Cracker Flavors

We offer several delicious non-GMO cracker flavors to meet your cravings exactly where they’re at. Each flavor complements different recipes and snacks, giving you or your guests 

Try these five Milton’s Non-GMO Gourmet Cracker flavors:

No matter which flavors you select, our Non-GMO Gourmet Crackers are sure to satisfy your cravings. You can also always try one of Milton’s cracker recipes for your next snack or meal!

Choose Milton’s Non-GMO Crackers to Satisfy Your Cravings 

Find these and other Milton’s products near you to enhance your next snacking experience!

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