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Exploring Milton’s New Cracker Flavors

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Milton’s Craft Bakers is adding brand-new flavors to our family of delicious crispy crackers. With more snack options than ever before, you can further customize your charcuterie boards and appetizers galore. 

Introducing Milton’s New Cracker Flavors

Our brand-new cracker flavors have hit the shelves, and they're ready to make your parties, gatherings, and snacking moments absolutely glorious.

We know it's not just about the crunchy, crispy texture (although, we've got that down pat). Nope, it's all about the flavor journey. And guess what? We've crafted new flavors that aren’t just tasty but are made with the high-quality premium ingredients you know and trust from Milton’s.

New Additions: Gluten Free Salt and Vinegar Crackers

Salt and vinegar is a traditional flavor combo that caters to lovers of salty, tangy snacks everywhere. The newest addition to our gluten free cracker collection is the culmination of these wonderful flavors. Please welcome Milton’s Gluten Free Salt and Vinegar Crackers to the stage!

Each of our Gluten Free Salt and Vinegar Crackers is made with a blend of five different grains, increasing the fiber content without adding any gluten products. Each bite packs a powerful flavor punch with just enough salt and a hint of vinegar. When you’re craving an intense salty snack, these crackers are your go-to product. 

Milton’s Gluten Free Salt and Vinegar Crackers are delightful and pair well with almost any dip or spread with savory notes. You can't go wrong here, from smoked salmon dip to diverse charcuterie boards. Gluten free folks can enjoy delicious notes of salt and vinegar just like everyone else, thanks to Milton’s Craft Bakers!

New Additions: Gourmet Salt and Pepper Crackers

Are you seeking the perfect non-GMO addition to your snack trays and delicious dip recipes? Say no more, our Non-GMO Gourmet Salt and Pepper Crackers will do the trick. These crackers are crispy, tasty and warm on your tongue. Plus, they’re made without genetically modified ingredients and Non-GMO Certified

We bake every gourmet cracker to the perfect texture for your snacking satisfaction. Our salt and pepper crackers pair well with charcuterie board spreads, baked cheesy dips and seafood spreads alike. The options feel endless with Milton’s Gourmet Salt and Pepper Crackers. 

Exploring Other Milton’s Cracker Flavors

Our existing range of delicious cracker flavors is already satisfying and diverse. You can find the flavors you are looking for in a crispy, crunchy snack with our cracker options. 

Gluten Free Cracker Flavors

Our diverse range of gluten free crackers makes following your gluten free diet easier than ever. No matter what your taste preferences are, you can find something to meet your (and your guests’) needs. 

We offer the following flavors in our gluten free cracker collection:

These diverse and delicious flavors keep every appetizer or snack tray full of flavor and satisfying textures. You’ll never run out of glorious gluten free cracker options with Milton’s Craft Bakers products on hand!

Gourmet Non-GMO Crackers

For folks who want to avoid GMOs and still enjoy gourmet baked crackers, our gourmet cracker options are the perfect choice. We have plenty of enjoyable flavors available, all with the same desirable texture that makes spreads, dips and plain snacking delightful. 

Our Gourmet Non-GMO Cracker flavors include:

With so many wonderful options to choose from, you can customize your snacking and appetizer experiences with excitement every time. 

Delving Into a World of Flavorful Cracker Choices

We’re so excited to introduce our new cracker flavors to you. With even more wonderful options at your disposal, you can upgrade your snack platters, appetizer trays and daily snacks even more. Explore Milton’s products near you to find the best cracker flavors for your tasting pleasure!

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