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Spring Charcuterie Board Ideas with Milton's

spring charcuterie board

A well-assembled charcuterie board provides a beautiful and crowd-pleasing presentation for a range of events, such as parties, bridal or baby showers, or even picnics. While you could just throw meats, cheeses, and crackers on a board, it’s easy to take it up a notch with a timely theme, like a spring charcuterie board.


It’s not unusual to experience a lapse in entertaining after the busy winter holidays. By the time the weather starts to warm, your inner social butterfly might be itching to host family and friends.


An inviting charcuterie board with brilliant spring colors is a great way to reconnect with

loved ones over a tasty array of finger foods. Milton’s Gluten Free Crackers and 

Non-GMO and Organic Gourmet Crackers are the perfect addition for both sweet and savory spreads.

What Is a Charcuterie Board?

If you’ve seen a charcuterie board before, you’ve probably noted all kinds of items on display, from meats and cheeses to fruits and veggies to crackers and nuts and more. However, the French word “charcuterie” actually translates to “deli” or “butcher shop” and is used in reference to cured meats.


While charcuterie boards are technically meat platters, the term has now commonly been used to refer to a board with a range of diverse ingredients, and when it comes to spring charcuterie boards, you can go all out with a variety of colors and flavors.


How Do You Make a Spring Charcuterie Board?


The primary goal when developing spring charcuterie board ideas is to create a feeling of freshness. The overall effect should be light and bright. From a technical standpoint, you’ll need to size your board to provide enough food for the number of guests you’re serving, as well as the variety of ingredients you’ll include.


As a rule of thumb, you’ll want a minimum serving size of 3-4 each of meats, cheeses, and crackers, and 2-3 fruits and vegetables per person if charcuterie is an appetizer. If it’s meant to be a meal, double the portions and consider adding more variety.


You should also try to accommodate alternative diets. Consider more fruits, vegetables, nuts and crackers if you’re hosting vegetarian or vegan guests, as well as gluten free options for anyone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


What to Include in Your Spring Charcuterie Board


It’s easy to get creative with spring charcuterie when you include a range of meats and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, crackers, dips and so on. What are some specific ingredients you should add to your board?


Meats and Cheeses


There’s no limit to the variety you can include when it comes to meats and cheeses, but you’ll definitely want to mix it up to ensure that the flavors aren’t too similar. For example, you wouldn’t want only different types of salami or only soft, creamy cheeses.


Consider a range of cured meats, such as a dry salami, a garlicky Genoa salami, a spicier pepperoni or Spanish chorizo and rich prosciutto. 


As for cheeses, you’ll want a combination of flavorful hard cheeses, like cheddar, Asiago or Gruyere, along with soft cheeses, like Brie, burrata or goat cheese. You should also include at least one marbled cheese, like pungent blue or gorgonzola and one or more flavored cheeses, like a pepper jack or truffle brie.


Fruits and Vegetables


A charcuterie board could consist of just gourmet meats, cheeses and your favorite organic crackers, but spring charcuterie board ideas should feature colorful, fresh fare like fruits and vegetables. 


Seasonal citrus like naval, Cara Cara, mandarin or blood oranges add tons of bright color and flavor, and you might want to include something exotic for fun. Persimmons, kiwi, star fruit and dragon fruit are all inspired options. 


You could always add dried fruit like tangy apricots or sweet mission figs, as well, but you might want to avoid bananas, apples, or any fruit that browns when cut.


As for veggies, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow of crudité. Carrots, celery and broccoli are par for the course but consider more eye-catching options like bell peppers in green, red and yellow, as well as mild, peppery watermelon radish coins.




No charcuterie board is complete without crackers to use as a flavor enhancer and a handy conveyance for meats and cheeses. Choose a range of options that complement the overall spread and pair well with particular offerings. 


Milton’s has multiple cracker offerings that are perfect for rounding out your charcuterie board.


Add Milton’s Crackers for Organic, Gluten Free and Gourmet Options


With Gluten Free Crackers, as well as Organic and Non-GMO Gourmet Crackers to choose from,

Milton’s Craft Bakers contributes to versatile spring charcuterie that appeals to a range of dietary preferences. Flavors like Sea Salt, Multi-Grain, Fire-Roasted Vegetable and Everything ensure options for every palate and dietary preference.


If you’re ready to find the perfect selection for your spring charcuterie board, find Milton’s crackers near you today!

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