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How Long to Smoke a Pizza

how long to smoke a pizza

If you're feeling extra fancy, try smoking your Milton's pizza! It infuses an extra smoky taste that adds a memorable depth of flavor to your favorite pizza. It works exceptionally well on Milton’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza and the Roasted Vegetable Pizza


While the actual smoking process only takes about 20 minutes, the whole process takes about an hour from start to finish, so be sure you have enough charcoal to last.

  1. Light your smoker and add charcoal

  2. Add an aromatic smoke wood

  3. Burn the charcoal and smoke wood at 250°F for ten minutes

  4. Turn the temperature up to 470°F

  5. Place your frozen pizza on a tray that will withstand the heat

  6. When the smoker has reached 470°F, place your pizza in

  7. Let the pizza cook for 20 min. or until cheese is bubbling

  8. Remove your pizza and serve

How to Reheat Pizza in the Microwave

While we love a new and fun cooking technique, sometimes you just need to pop a leftover slice of pizza in the microwave. Here's our tip to make sure your pizza stays nice and crispy – no soggy slices here!


  1. Place a glass of water next to the pizza and cook for 45 seconds.

  2. Ensure the water has cooled before removing it from the microwave. 

  3. Enjoy your delicious Milton's Cauliflower Crust Pizza! 

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