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Milton's Pizza Party FAQ

Below are some frequently Asked Questions about Milton’s Pizza Party program.
If you have additional questions about your Pizza Party, please contact us at

What is a Pizza Party?

Pizza Parties are a fun way for us to share the JOY of our delicious Thin & Crispy Cauliflower Crust Pizzas. We’ll send you frozen pizzas to bake for you and your group—at no cost to you! All you have to do is gather a group of 10 or more and get ready for some Pizza Party fun!


Am I eligible to host a pizza party?


Anyone can be eligible to host a Pizza Party. All we ask is that you host a group of 10 or more people, and that you submit 3-5 photos showing us your group having fun at the pizza party within one week of your pizza party date. Please note, you don’t have to be “selected” to host a party as this offer is not a contest—if you sign up and agree to submit your photos, you will receive delicious pizzas to share with your group!


I have just submitted my Pizza Party form. What should I do next? 


Check your email inbox for an email about what to expect next. Please add to your confirmed senders list to receive future communication regarding your Pizza Party.  Please also be on the lookout for a text from Instacart confirming your “gift” delivery from Milton’s (this is your pizza delivery). 


When will my pizza be delivered?


We will schedule delivery of your pizza to you on one of your desired delivery dates that you provided on your signup form. If we cannot deliver to you on one of the dates you provided, someone from the Milton’s team will be in contact with you to coordinate another delivery time. 


How will I receive confirmation that my pizza is being delivered on one of my preferred dates provided?


We will use the date and time preferences you provided to us to set up delivery of the pizzas via Instacart. You will receive a text message from Instacart once we schedule your delivery, which will have a link that allows you to track the order’s progress. (And we take care of tipping the delivery driver.)


Where do I submit my photos from my Pizza Party? 


You will submit your 3-5 photos from your Pizza Party to (password required). You will receive the password to submit your pictures in an email that we will send two days prior to your pizza party date, as well as in your delivery confirmation text message from Instacart. 


What if I need to change my Pizza Party date after I submitted my signup form?


If you need to change your group’s Pizza Party date, please send us an email at and let us know your new pizza party date. 


Do I need to have the pizza delivered the same day as my Pizza Party?


No—the pizzas are frozen, so you can receive your pizzas in the weeks prior to your party date without any issues.  For the best possible experience, we recommend that the pizzas temper in your home freezer for 24 hours prior to baking, so we always aim to deliver at least a couple days prior to your party date whenever possible.


How many pizzas will be sent for the party?


Each pizza serves 2 to 3 people—the number of pizzas received will depend upon the size of the group you are hosting. Pizza Parties are for groups of 10 to 30 people.  

For larger events or organizations, please contact us directly at


Can I request which pizzas I want to receive?


We will send an assortment of the pizza flavors available at your local retailer, so that your group receives a variety. If you only want pizzas that are meatless, you can indicate that on the signup form and we will not include Uncured Pepperoni in your delivery. 


Can I sign up a friend to host a pizza party?


We prefer each pizza party host fills out their own signup form, as we will need their delivery availability and preferences—but you are welcome to refer a friend by providing them the link to sign up at


Where can I find more information about Milton’s Cauliflower Crust Pizzas?


Visit to learn more about the pizza flavors, nutritional information, baking instructions, and where to buy them near you.

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