Organic Crackers Sweet & Savory


~ Milton’s Organic Crackers Sweet Treats ~

Chocolate Dipped Organic Cracker Sandwiches
An elevated twist on a classic sweet & savory favorite - Milton’s Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers spread with creamy almond butter dipped in rich, dark or milk chocolate. Incredible!
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Organic Crackers Quick Apple Crisp
Milton’s Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers add a crunchy, intriguing flavor embellishment to this simple all American apple dessert favorite.
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Salted Caramel Organic Cracker Brittle
You will want to double what you think you’ll need. These disappear as soon as they’re ready. Milton’s Organic Multi-Grain and Himalayan Salt crackers smothered in creamy caramel, lightly salted - Amazing!
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Ice Cream Organic Cracker Snackers
An unexpected delight! Sandwich your favorite vanilla or chocolate ice cream between two Miltons Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers for a satisfying sweet, crunchy treat. You get the idea, be creative and enjoy!
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~ Organic Crackers Savory Sensations ~

Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Salad
Served with Milton’s Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers
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Organic Crackers-Encrusted Creamy Rotini Crab Bake
A rich, flavorful and hearty meal, loaded with Dungeness crab, smoked Gruyère cheese, rotini, garlic and topped with crushed Milton’s Himalayan Salt Organic Crackers. An elevated dining experience to savor.
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Organic Crackers with Fig & Olive Tapenade
Curiously sweet, tangy and savory. This delicious spread pairs wonderfully with Milton’s Organic Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Multi-Grain and Rosemary & Garlic Crackers.
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Charcuterie Joy with Milton’s Organic Crackers
Get creative and have fun with all your favorite goodies, all of Milton’s Organic Cracker varieties will pair perfectly!
No recipe needed - Enjoy!
Organic Crackers with Buffalo Chicken Dip
This festive, spicy, cheesy dip is perfect for a hearty me-time snack or a flavorful treat to share with friends and family. Goes great with Milton’s Organic Multi-Grain, Himalayan Salt, or Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers.
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Organic Himalayan Salt Cracker Toppings
We have several ideas you’re gonna love.
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Organic Multi-Grain Cracker Toppings
Discover delicious ways to dress Milton’s Organic Crackers. (click to see more)
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