The flexibility of working at home can enhance your life—and even better, you have access to your kitchen. That means no more last-minute peanut butter sandwiches as you race out the door every morning. 

But even the novelty of your kitchen can wear a bit thin, and you might find yourself searching for new work-from-home lunch ideas. We know that planning meals can be tedious, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Our delicious lunch ideas can be customized to please your palate and keep things exciting. Check out the list that we’ve crafted, which includes easy, better-for-you WFH lunch ideas.

Work From Home (WFH) Lunch Ideas

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Summer Appetizers

Summer is the perfect time for appetizers because of the seasonal and colorful fruits and veggies that are available during this time. Summer appetizers can compliment the main course meal and are often served on their own with a glass of wine or a fresh juice to family or guests. 

Cracker Spread Ideas for Any Occasion

One of the staple dishes for any gathering, event, or holiday party is a cracker spread. With the right pairings, our crackers will enhance the flavors and creamy textures of any savory dip. Read more if you’d like to learn about the many snacking spread possibilities that are in your near future, using our star cracker selection that will make them extra irresistible. 

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American Pizza:
How Much We Eat & Better-For-You Pizza Options

Our love for pizza leads to a couple of questions: how much pizza do Americans eat? What premium pizza options can families realistically incorporate into their busy schedules and maintain a balanced diet?