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Cracker Spread Ideas for Any Occasion

cracker spreads

At Milton’s Craft Bakers, we offer crackers for those who want delicious, better-for-you snacks. Our Original Multi-Grain Gourmet Crackers pair well with most dips and are the perfect accompaniment for your next charcuterie board. We also have Gluten Free Crackers that are great on their own or are a perfect addition to any gluten free snack recipe you wish to enjoy!


One of the staple dishes for any gathering, event, or holiday party is a cracker spread. With the right pairings, our crackers will enhance the flavors and creamy textures of any savory dip. Read more if you’d like to learn about the many snacking spread possibilities that are in your near future, using our star cracker selection that will make them extra irresistible. 

Introducing... The Crackers You Need!

Original Multi-Grain Gourmet Crackers - Made from a blend of whole grains, our Original Multi-Grain Crackers provide a hint of sweetness, making them the perfect cracker to complement the flavor profiles of most sweet flavors of spread, like a fruit jam. Crispy Sea Salt Gourmet Crackers - With a hint of sea salt and a crispy, buttery crunch, these satisfying crackers make an excellent option for spreads, and pair well with dips that are served chilled. They taste incredible with savory ingredients like seafood, avocado, or pickled veggies.

Fire Roasted Vegetable Gourmet Crackers - With strong savory notes and Mediterranean spices, these crackers deliver a crunch that make them so irresistible that your guests will be sure to devour them quickly. Our Fire Roasted Vegetable Gourmet Crackers are the perfect spiced-up appetizer your game-day food table needs. 

Everything Gourmet Crackers - Seasoned with the same spices and herbs found in your favorite “everything” bagel, our Everything Gourmet Crackers are a great cracker to enjoy anytime of the day. 

Perfect Cracker Pairings

Whether you’re catching up on your favorite show, getting ready for the big game, or prepping for a holiday, one thing is certain: good times happen around good food. No matter the occasion, delicious food always brings everyone together and flavorful appetizers are a great way to entertain! 

Did You Know“Jar-cuteries” Are IN?

“Jar-cuterie,” are personal charcuterie boards that are either in a cup of jar (get it?). They are also known as graze cups or graze bouquets - but we think “jar-cuterie” is more fun!​Prepare a colorful and flavory snack in a jar for any occasion and “wow” your guests (or just yourself). Check out some inspiration we have put together for you. If you’re wondering about which of our crackers we used, here is the list: Original Multi-Grain CrackersFire Roasted Vegetable CrackersOlive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers

Game Night Cracker Spread Ideas

This Quick Veggie Dip is a must-have during game day. Your plain veggies will instantly transform into delectable indulgences with these dip options. This dip can also easily be modified with Greek yogurt and low-fat ingredients. Containing a creamy mayonnaise and sour cream base complimented by an herb-y dill and leafy parsley, it pairs perfectly with any type of buttery cracker.

Jalapeño poppers are a pub favorite, especially during game nights. This tasty Jalapeño Popper Dip gives your favorite gourmet crackers the extra kick they need to warm your tastebuds with delicious flavor. Made with fresh jalapeños and cream cheese, it will taste just like a fried jalapeño popper but with fresher ingredients. 


To add a Mexican food flair to your game night party, serve up this Bean Dip or Nachos with Milton’s Gourmet Crackers. This recipe contains refried beans, chiles, Mexican cheese, and delectable spices! 


Beer Cheese Dip brings out all of the classic game-day savory flavors. Sharp cheddar cheese mixed with beer and Dijon mustard create a slightly bitter but rich, cheesy, and creamy dip. This dip pairs well with buttery, flaky crackers like our Milton’s Gluten Free Crispy Sea Salt Crackers that balance out the bold flavors of the beer and cheese.

Cracker Spread Options for Any Occasion

Whether it’s a summer barbeque or you’re getting ready for the “most wonderful time of the year”, our Original Multi-Grain Gourmet Cracker is a classic choice for charcuterie needs for any gathering. This cracker was inspired by our multi-grain bread, a family favorite in many homes.  

Seafood lovers, we are looking at you with this Smoked Salmon Dip! This Smoked Salmon Dip is versatile, with simple swaps that help make it a healthier choice of holiday appetizers. The smoky seafood goodness radiating from this dip is sure to draw all of your guests towards the cracker spread. 

Cheese please! This delicious Holiday Cheese Spread is sure to be an instant crowd pleaser. The classic recipe combines cream cheese, deviled ham, and green olives to make a savory, delicious cracker spread that will be perfect for holiday parties.  

The aroma of spinach, bell peppers, and sour cream combine to make a dreamy hot holiday cracker spread for the family to enjoy. Impress your guests with this Holiday Hot Spinach Dip. 

Learn more about our different crackers options.

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