Our Food

Milton's is not your average food company. We are a small team of devoted foodies, seeking to inspire people to experience the joy of eating well. Whether it is our Gluten Free Crackers, Gluten Free Baked Chips, Gourmet Crackers, Snack Crackers, or Wholesome Breads, each product surpasses expectations for taste, texture, nutrition and responsible sourcing. Whether enjoying a special moment for yourself, or sharing your passion for food and flavor with family and friends, there is a "Milton's Moment" of joy in every bite.

Milton's Gluten Free Crackers deliver such amazing taste you won't believe they are gluten free! All four varieties are perfect for snacking, stacking, dipping and piling with toppings. You will love our convenient, stay-fresh packaging, that stands up neatly in your cupboard or pantry shelves.