Getting Kids to Eat Sandwich Crusts

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It’s a common problem… kids don’t seem to enjoy the crusts of sandwich bread and a good part of the sandwich goes to waste! If it’s on our Seeds & Grains bread, this means the kids are missing out on some nutritious and protein-rich seeds- not mention our crusts are delicious!

If this is a constant battle in your home, we have a few ideas to help:

1. Cut the crust off the sandwich, and layer the crust inside with the other ingredients. Smothered in peanut butter and jelly, crusts will blend in and chances are most kids won’t notice the crust is there.

2. Make it fun. One mom gave us a tip: she would cut the crusts off, and then roll them up and call them snails. The kids thought it was funny to eat the snails.

3. Cut them off, and let the kids dip the bread into hummus or peanut/almond butter.

4. Save the crusts. Cut them off and save them. At the end of the week, throw all the crusts in the food processor and use the bread crumbs for other meals like meatloaf, meatballs and topped on pasta or gratin.

5. Use the “heels” of the bread by turning them inside out, so the crust part is covered with the sandwich ingredients.

Are crusts a battle in your home? If you have any other tips, please share!

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