Milton’s is more than a food company: we are a small team of passionate foodies seeking to reinvent the eating experience. You see, for us it isn’t enough to just make food that tastes good. Each bite has to be made with authentic ingredients—and many of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified or Certified Organic. Real ingredients are part of our craft—our way of serving consumers, families and communities. Whether you are eating our breads, our gourmet crackers, or our Gluten Free snacks, we seek to provide delicious foods that you can feel good about. Joy: we like to think of it as our secret ingredient – that makes every “Milton’s Moment" delightful.


Along with providing better-for-you snacks and good-for-you ingredients, Milton’s stays involved with local communities through ongoing philanthropic efforts. Our team is committed to dedicating our time and products to support important causes and organizations. We are proud to be working with celiac-related advocacy groups, autism support groups, dietary centers, schools, community races and cause-related walks, veterans support events and other children's charities.  

We consider it part of our craft: to inspire others to experience the joy of eating well, while helping support these important causes. Do you have an event which could be a fit for Milton's and our team?  Write to us if you are interested in having Milton’s support your cause or local event.